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Experiencing technical issues with your Printer can be an extremely annoying and frustrating experience for most individuals, especially when you have urgent task in hand. No one likes working coming to a halt due to a non-functional printer. But leave your worries behind as Canon printers offer some the simplest solutions for your printer troubles. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and commence using

Why Canon Printer not Printing

Canon is an electronics company that produces a variety of various product, as well as computer printers. These printers connect with your computer typically through a regular USB data cable and print any document you choose.

However, if the Canon printer isn’t printing you need to see what’s causing the problem and correct whatever the issue is.

Step 1: Check the cable connection running from the Canon printer to your computer. If the USB data cable isn’t completely connected into either the computer or the printer the print request isn’t progressing to reach the printer.

Step 2: Fill the paper tray of the Canon printer. If there’s no paper (or only a couple of sheets) the printer is unable to print the document. Fill the printer tray and try again to print your documents.

Step 3: Open the document you would like to print and choose the “Print” option. Click the printer choice and select the Canon printer. If the Canon printer isn’t selected as the go-to printer it doesn’t receive the printer request.

Step 4: Install the Canon printer’s drivers. without the drivers, your computer will not able to send the request to the printer to print your documents. These drivers are available on a driver installation CD that always comes with the Printer. Insert the Driver CD into your computer and follow the steps for the installation driver.

Step 5: Change out the ink cartridges of the Canon printer. If the cartridges are running out of ink the printer is unable to provide the document.

Canon Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

You can resolve your issue of your canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi,by following a few simple steps as mentioned below.

• You need to check if your router and internet connection is working properly. If an event there are issues with your router’s performance, you can simply reset or restart your router. For internet connection related issues, please contact your Internet Service provider towards resolution of the issue.
• When your router and internet connection is working perfectly and you are still unable to connect your canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi, the user needs to check the wireless button and key is turned on or not. In case your printer has its airplane mode activated, it wont be able to connect to the Wi-fi. In case the airplane mode is active, the user is required to press the button with the wireless icon for around 10 seconds till the light turns green.
• Users can update their printer drivers by utilising the Canon Device manager and updating your printer drivers and your wireless LAN Adapters.
• Users can use the option of automatic troubleshooting wherein inbuilt tools of Canon can test your system for errors causing your Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi, and resolve the same. Users can also use the automated trouble-shooter provided by Windows.
• Users can delete wireless network adapters and use device manager to download, update and reinstall the same.

Canon Printer Customer Service

Users of Canon printers and other Canon products can contact on the Canon Printer Customer Service towards resolution of their printer related issues. The dedicated team of Canon technicians and experts provide users with guided solutions with diagnostics and troubleshooting for various issues such as issues with wireless printing; print job stuck issue, paper jam issue, fax troubleshooting, carriage jam troubleshooting, paper jam issues, issues related to print and scan qualities etc.

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