Whatsapp web not working solution

WhatsApp web is a great feature by which you can use your WhatsApp without affecting your work. To use WhatsApp web, simply go to a search engine and search for WhatsApp web, once the window opens then it shows you a QR code to connect your WhatsApp on PC or laptop. Scan that QR code by your mobile phone and it connects you successfully with the WhatsApp web.

Generally, it happens that, you are working on your system (PC or Laptop) and don’t want to waste your time by always checking your mobile phone for WhatsApp message then you can use WhatsApp on your system to make it easy for you.

If your Mac device is not supported WhatsApp web then you are not able to use it on your system. You get an error message saying WhatsApp web not working on Mac.

Your Mac device and computer or laptop connection issues are the two main reasons by which you are not able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp web.

For a Mac device, your session is an extension of the message client. So, WhatsApp web connects it with your Mac phone to sync the message by which you can them on both devices.

For using WhatsApp Web, you should have an active account on your smartphone, but if you don’t connect on your Mac phone then WhatsApp web would not work. It may be possible that the problem is in your internet connection. Read this full article to fix WhatsApp web not working on Mac.

Solutions to fix WhatsApp web not working on my Mac:-

Here are many quick solutions to fix this issue. Follow the below-given steps:

  • Elementary checks:-

For the best web-browsing and stable use of online service, we recommend for good Browser. It protects your privacy with the best effort and increases the user’s experience with a set of great security tools. So, download WhatsApp on your Mac device and connect the WhatsApp web on the system to check it works. But, make sure you have a good and stable internet connection on your Mac phone and computer to use WhatsApp Web.

If your internet connection is off then a yellow bar will display at the top of the chat list that reads “computer not connected”. So, make sure if your internet connection is active. Refresh that page or log out and log in back to reactive your WhatsApp Web.

    • At first tap on the menu icon which is at the top of your screen.
    • Now, tap on the log out
    • After that, follow the on-screen instruction to login back.

Also, make sure that you use an updated version of the browser and don’t use it on internet explorer because it doesn’t support WhatsApp. So, you can also get the error message saying WhatsApp not working.

If you use Wi-Fi for an organization then make sure that they may be configured to block or limit the WhatsApp web connection.

  • Due to connection problems on Windows Phone:-

 In case, your Mac phone not connected to the WhatsApp web then it could be an internet connection issue or your Mac phone’s settings. So, fix this issue:

    • At first, Restart your Mac phone.
    • Now, update your WhatsApp with the latest version which is available in Microsoft Store.
    • After that, open your Mac phone’s Settings and select Network & Wireless and click on Airplane mode. Toggle the slider to turn on or off Airplane mode, or to turn on the cellular data and toggle to turn on or off Wi-Fi.
    • Now, try to connect with different Wi-Fi hotspots.
    • Make sure, Wi-Fi stays on during the sleep mode.
    • Now, reboot your Wi-Fi router.
    • After that, check with your Mac phone provider whether there is an issue.
    • Also, see your Microsoft website and confirm the APN settings are configured accurately.
    • In case, you have a windows phone which is made by Nokia then download and use the Connection Setup app from Microsoft Store.
    • Also, update your windows phone operating system with the latest version.
    • Now, connect with the network administrator for Wi-Fi troubleshooting.
    • Make sure one thing, don’t use VPN or proxies, it may also affect the connection.
    • Now, you can see the WhatsApp web not working on Mac issue will be fixed.
  • Due to captive Wi-Fi hotspot:-

 When your Mac phone is not connected to WhatsApp web then check for any notification from WhatsApp that reporting you may not be able to connect over a specific Wi-Fi connection. If no, then maybe you are on a captive Wi-Fi network. So, sign in in hotspot before connecting to the internet.

If you use cellular data then connect with Wi-Fi or vice-versa. Open your WhatsApp web to check if the issue will be resolved.

In this above blog, we mentioned some procedures to resolve the WhatsApp web not working on Mac. Follow these methods to resolve your query. You can also call to our experts if you have any doubts.

WhatsApp web not working on my Mac
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