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WhatsApp is a social media Platform which is used by most of the people. You can chat with your friends, and use audio or video call feature, and you can also share any documents like images, videos, Music, etc. Most of the users are active all the time on WhatsApp and you can get instant reply from your favorite one. Many users Face some errors with WhatsApp account just like WhatsApp not working is most common error facing by the iPhone users.

It may be possible that you are using WhatsApp on your iPhone and suddenly you see that WhatsApp not working. It may generally cause due to its malfunction on WhatsApp, when you use it on your iPhone device. So, it become horrible for you. But no need to panic, read this full article to get an instant solution.

Causes of WhatsApp not working on iPhone:-

If you see that your WhatsApp stop to work and it doesn’t show any error pop-up message. So, it is difficult for you to recognize the exact cause of this issue. Might be it happens due to WhatsApp app or iPhone software.

One of the common causes is an outdated version of WhatsApp or iPhone software. It also happens, if your internet connection is low or WiFi not working properly. In case, your WhatsApp memory cached is full then it also causes the WhatsApp not working issue.

Solutions to fix WhatsApp not working on iPhone:-

Many solutions available to fix this error quickly. Follow the below-given steps carefully:

Shut down your WhatsApp:-

One of the easiest solutions is to forcefully shut down your WhatsApp and fix your issue. Many iPhone users also report that by using this process, they got their issue has been resolved.

    1. First of all, twice-click on the iPhone’s Home Button to open the app switcher.
    2. Now, you can see that all app will be visible to you which one is open in background.
    3. So, swipe the WhatsApp in an upward direction of the screen.
    4. In case, you don’t see the WhatsApp that means it is already closed.
    5. Now, reopen your WhatsApp on your iPhone and send a test message to check if it works.

Update your WhatsApp with the latest version:-

If you are using an outdated version of WhatsApp on your iPhone then you can also get the issue like WhatsApp not working. Updates are available time to time to fix some bugs and glitches.

    • At first, navigate to your App Store and look if any update is available.
    • You can find it at the bottom of the Updates tab.
    • Now, click on the Updates
    • You can see, a blue button will be appeared on next to the WhatsApp.
    • So, from here you can update the WhatsApp with the latest version.
    • You can also do one thing that tap on the Update all
    • It can update all the app and fix the bug.
    • if your issue does not solve with these steps so don’t worry about this you can see below more steps to Fix your WhatsApp not working

Reinstall your WhatsApp:-

Make Sure Before Using This Step. Have you take a backup of your WhatsApp account

By reinstalling your WhatsApp, you can also fix the WhatsApp not working issue. You can apply this method on your iPhone to fix this issue. It fixes all your corrupted data of malfunctioning app.

    • First of all, touch and hold the WhatsApp icon until you feel a short vibration from your iPhone.
    • Now, you can see that WhatsApp shake, so move it the X option which is at the WhatsApp icon left corner.
    • After that, tap on the delete option to delete it successfully.
    • Fell free with one thing that by deleting your WhatsApp from your iPhone, you don’t lose any data. It doesn’t lose your user’s account.
    • Now, go to the App Store.
    • Search for WhatsApp.
    • Now, download it and reinstall
    • After that, open WhatsApp and enter your user credentials.
    • You can see, you enjoy WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Turn on or off the WiFi option on your iPhone:-

If you are using WiFi of any organization then it may be possible that their bandwidth is low and range is in limit. So, you can also get WhatsApp not working issue. So, also make sure that, Wi-Fi works properly.

    • First of all, navigate to the settings
    • Now, click on the WiFi
    • After that, toggle the button to turn off which is next to the WiFi option.
    • Whenever, your iPhone is not connected with the WiFi for a longer period then it visible in gray color.
    • Again, click on the toggle button to turn on WiFi.
    • Once your iPhone device is connected properly with WiFi then it looks in green color.
    • Reopen WhatsApp, and send a message to check if error has been resolved now.

Remove the saved data of WiFi network:-

if iPhone users forget their WiFi network password. So, iPhone have a feature when you connect the first time with any WiFi network and iPhone, then iPhone save that data. And, simply you need to connect.

In case, any data has been changed then iPhone cannot be able to connect with any WiFi network. When it shows you like forgetting or connecting then that means your iPhone connecting with that network for first time.

    • At first, go to the Settings
    • Tap on the WiFi
    • You can see some information icon beside the WiFi network.
    • Now, go to choose a network option and click on the applicable network to connect.
    • After that, it asks you to enter the password.
    • Once you enter the correct WiFi password then you can see iPhone connect with the WiFi successfully.
    • Now, reopen your WhatsApp and check if it works properly.

In this blog, we have discussed WhatsApp not working on iPhone. If you are trouble with this issue then apply all the above-mentioned steps in this blog to resolve your query. You can also call to our experts just Dial (866)535-7333 if you have any doubts regarding this. You get an instant solution with our experts efforts.

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WhatsApp not working on iPhone
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