How to Swap Hard Disk Drive Platters

This blog available regarding swapping hard drive platters. This is not a easy method for the technically in competent or faint Hearted. The following carries no guarantees, and definitely voids and nullifies any existing warranty. It may be best to attempt swapping the organizer board before going to a platter swap. This is less unhelpful, and you need an identical drive for either process anyway.

There are Few Guidelines to Swap Hard Disk Drive Platters

Distinguish that this is only a last resort.

Setup a clean work environment.

Assemble and layout your tools.
Use powder free latex gloves.

Ground yourself

remove the cover of your dead drive.
Once the cover is off, inspect the platters.
Set the cover back on – if the platters are physically damaged chances are you will not be able to recover any data.

procure a new HDD with the same model number and firmware version.

Test the new HDD.

eliminate the cover from your donor HDD.

eliminate the platters from the donor HDD.

Remove the platter from your dead HDD.
reconstruct the donor drive with dead HDD’s platters inside (make sure all the platters are aligned in the same way towards each other as they were in the old drive).

Mount the donor drive.
rapidly copy your data.
Unmount the HDD and discard it.

Swap Hard Disk Drive Platters

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