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Over the last few years, social networking sites have grown at a very high pace. Snapchat is also one of the most widely used applications of this day. But many users have faced some issues with their Snapchat applications (especially iPhone users). One of the most searched issues regarding Snapchat is the Snapchat could not connect. If you are one such user facing the issue of Snapchat could not connect, this article is for you. In this article, we will be discussing every possible reason behind this problem and their respective solutions. Go through this article carefully to fix this issue:

1. Check your internet connection:

This is the first thing to do whenever you are facing a connectivity issue in an application. You can check your internet connection by opening the other online applications on your device. If you face the same issue with those applications too then, there is something wrong with your internet connection. Correct your internet connection and your Snapchat could not connect the issue will resolve. Additionally, you can try switching from the cellular data to Wi-Fi or vice versa.

2. Restart Snapchat your iPhone:

Sometimes this Snapchat could not connect issues occurs because of some temporary issues. That kind of issues can be resolved by simply closing your Snapchat application and then open it again.

3. Look if servers of Snapchat are down:

Servers of every online service undergo maintenance. When the servers are undergoing maintenance, the Snapchat could not connect issue may occur. You can check it by going to the twitter account of Snapchat or any other online forums. If a lot of people are searching for the same issue, then there is no problem at your end. Your problems will be resolved after the servers are back to the normal state.

4. Close the VPN/Proxy services that you running on your device:

Snapchat is not available in all countries of the world. If you use the Proxy/VPN services on your phone, you should turn them off to resolve your Snapchat could not connect Turning off this feature depends upon the software that you are using.

5. Make sure that you have permitted Snapchat to access your Wi-Fi and cellular data:

Whenever we install any application on our phone, that application asks us for permission to access the Wi-Fi and the cellular data. Many users do not give the required permission to the application that they are installing, and then the application faces issues in connecting to the internet. Your Snapchat could not connect issue may be caused because of the same fault. You can grant this permission to the Snapchat in your iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select Snapchat from the list of options.
  3. Then, tap on Wireless Data and then select WLAN and Cellular Data.

Now you have given the required permissions to Snapchat. Open this application again and see if your issue has been resolved.

6. Check whether you are using the latest version of Snapchat on your phone:

Many times there is a problem in the application that you are running. You can fix this problem by updating the application. As the updates contain all the necessary fixes for the bugs that were present in the prior version. You can fix your Snapchat could not connect the issue by updating your Snapchat. You can update the Snapchat application on your iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:

    1. Open App Store on your iPhone.
    2. Click on the button Update that is available at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Then a list of applications will appear on the next screen.
    4. See if the update button is available next to the Snapchat If you see the update button next to the Snapchat application, tap on this option and your Snapchat will be updated.

 7. Remove the jailbreak tweaks(only those tweaks that are incompatible):

Many users who have installed some jailbreak application on their phones have faced the Snapchat could not connect It has been found that the jailbreak apps affect the functioning of the Snapchat application in iPhones. To remove the jailbreak tweaks, follow the steps mentioned below:

Make sure that you have installed Cydia on your iPhone before starting this procedure.

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone and search xcon/nosub using the search bar.
  2. Find xcon/nosub for any app and then click on the Modify option available at the top-right corner of the screen. Then, click on Remove
  3. Now you have removed the application that was causing your problem.

8. Reinstall Snapchat on your iPhone:

If any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t solve your Snapchat could not connect the issue, you can try this option. All you have to do is to uninstall and then reinstall Snapchat on your iPhone. You can uninstall Snapchat from your iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Tap and hold the Snapchat
  2. Tap on the cross icon (on the top-right corner of the Snapchat icon) then, tap on delete/uninstall the Snapchat application on your device.

Once the Snapchat is uninstalled from your iPhone, you can install it again from the App Store.

In this article, we have mentioned every possible solution to your Snapchat could not connect the issue. In case, your problem still persists, you can contact us through our website and the contact details provided below. We have got a team of experts to deal with all your problems regarding your online interactions.

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Snapchat could not connect
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