Microsoft Account Recovery  OR How to Change Microsoft account  Password

Microsoft Account is used to access Microsoft devices and services. It’s the account used to sign in to Skype,, OneDrive, Windows Phone, and Xbox Live. You files, photos, contacts and settings can be stored securely on to any device.
Microsoft Account can be created on
Microsoft Account Recovery is the last option to recover your Microsoft account. Have you tried resetting your Microsoft Account Password.? If Yes, then in this article you will see about how to recover Microsoft Account Password. This means you have tried resetting your Microsoft Account or a hacker edited your Microsoft Account settings, and If you are not able to reset the password, then Microsoft Account Recovery is the only option you have.

In this article, I will walk you through the Microsoft Account Recovery. Kindly note that if you have enabled two-step verification, then recovery form wont work. This means that it’s a promise from Microsoft that they won’t let anyone in with two forms of identification irrespective of the information they know about your account.

Pre-requisites before starting the recovery form:

a. Use the Computer which you have used for signing in before
b. Try to provide answers to as many questions as possible.
c. Provide us a working email to contact you which we will use to give you the results of your Microsoft Account Recovery.
d. Use your XboX Id if you have.
Filling of the Microsoft Recovery form:
• Go to
• Under Email/Skype ID /Phone – enter the account information which you want to recover.
• Enter an alternate email address so that Microsoft can contact you with your Account recovery Details
• Enter the captcha characters and click next
• A pop-up screen will appear asking you to verify the email address.
• A recovery code will be sent to your alternate email address.
• You will asked to enter the details about your Microsoft Account.
• Fill as much as you can and click submit.
General Tips to fill in Microsoft Account Recovery form
 Answer the form questions as accurately as possible
 If your account has been compromised, Provide Current password under other passwords.
 If you using the account on Skype, the provide atleast 3 contacts from your contacts using another skype account.
 Complete the form using secure network or device.
 Confirm your Microsoft domain accurately as, and If there any country specific domains then mention the same.
 If you are using Xbox, provide the Xbox Console ID to contact Xbox Support.

How to Change Microsoft account password

Microsoft Account can be created on If you get a doubt that someone else is using your Microsoft Account, then you will wish to change Microsoft Account Password. In order to change the Microsoft Account Password, follow the steps given below:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft Account using Microsoft email address and password
  2. Go to Home page
  3. Under Profile photo and email address, select Change password. Or Go to Security.
  4. Sometimes you will be asked to enter the alternative email address to send the recovery code to verify whether you are the legitimate owner of the Microsoft Account.
  5. Enter your current Password
  6. Type your New Password
  7. Re-Type your new password to confirm it
  8. Select save.

Soof after the change you will receive an email or text to your email address or phone number saying that you have changed your password successfully. This will be warning message when someone else changes your password. If that’s the case, then you can cancel the change by following the instructions given in the email or text.

If you haven’t received your recovery code, then there are chances that you have updated the security information for your Microsoft Account. Also there are chances that your security information is outdated. If you have mentioned the email address or phone number, then check in your junk folder for emails or you can wait for some more time to receive the email or text. Otherwise, choose another security method to receive your recovery code.

If you want to change Microsoft Account password from your Xbox 360 console or online, the Microsoft Account Password on your Xbox One Console cannot be changed.

How To Recovery Microsoft /Change Forgotten Microsoft Account Password

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