why is itunes so slow on iphone, ipad, mac

As you know iTunes is the most popular application which is used by most iPhone users. Suppose, you are using iTunes on a window machine, you might be frustrated with how slow it loads and perform. Here are some steps to get rid of why is iTunes so slow on iPhone, iPad, Mac.

Other factors also cause the error that iTunes so slow, it is because of how many apps you have running at the time and how powerful the machine is. Here are some settings to speed up iTunes.

Here are many solutions why is iTunes so slow on iPhone, iPad, Mac:

  • Install iTunes faster:-

 If you find that your iTunes is so slow, so you can install iTunes faster to speed up iTunes. By installing iTunes faster, it goes more quickly by disabling a few things while going through the Setup Assistant. Let’s suppose you have a lot of songs in your music folder then iTunes want to add them all. If you want to get down to business and not wait while it searches the folder to add songs then it unchecks both options.

One more thing you can do to help in performance improvement and have more accurate data is to not let iTunes keep your media folder organized. It will also provide you more control over your music collection, which will be personable to the deep music enthusiast.

  • Disable unused services:-

 If you use iTunes application that means you have iPhone, iPad, Mac device to operate it, and you face iTunes is so slow. So, here are many services that are enabled by default to search them.

Let’s suppose you don’t have these devices then start to disable all. Launch iTunes and navigate to edit/preferences.

After that, tap on the device tab and uncheck see for remote speakers connected with AirTunes and see for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad remotes.

Let’s suppose you don’t have Apple TV or you don’t want to check it during startup uncheck see for Apple TVs.

You can do another thing if you use iTunes on a standalone machine then go to the Sharing tab and uncheck look foe shared libraries.

  • Disable Genius:-

 Genius also a cause to iTunes is so slow, so if you have not turned it on then don’t. And if you have enabled Genius then turn off it. when Genius is enabled you can notice that it is doing a lot of things in the background, taking up resources.

  • Delete smart playlist:-

 If you are frustrated with iTunes so slow and really serious about making iTunes load and run faster, then do one thing disable all smart playlist. It also happens that some user loves these features and cannot live without it. But you should delete them if you want to make iTunes load instantly. One most important thing, you can create your own playlists and it does not slow down the performance as much as the smart playlists.

When you click on delete for delete smart playlists then you will get a message asking if you are sure. Searches do not ask me again and continue to delete the default playlists.

Why is iTunes so slow on iPhone, iPad, Mac
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