ICloud Not Working – Troubleshooting information

ICloud is the Apple’s Cloud storage service in which you can store data thru any one of the Apple’s Devices and its easily accessible across multiple devices. The issues which you may face with iCloud and its solutions.

  1. Connection Error

Check the status of the Apple Servers which you can check on the Apple Status Page. If it green then its fine else yellow or red means issues or maintenance in progress and in that case you have to wait. After some time, try sign out and sign in.

  1. iCloud data not syncing

 Generally, iCloud data will sync automatically but sometimes it will not.

  1. Restart your device and sometimes all you need is remaining patient.
  2. Go to >> Settings>> [Your Name] and check you have logged into the right account on all your devices.
  3. Check whether all the apple servers were up and running in the status page of Apple.
  4. Not Saving in iCloud
    1. Go to Settings >> [Your Name] > iCloud
    2. Check whether all the apps ar-e in green
  5. iCloud Signin is Stuck – If you are able to log into another device and its getting stuck in your device, then try the basic reboot. And re-enter your account information settings.


  1. Trouble in Signing in iCloud – This is generally comes only when you have forgotten your password and make some mistake while entering your information while logging in. Go to applieID.apple.com and login and try resetting the password and the try logging again.
  2. Getting error “unsupported Apple ID”

There are chances that your Apple ID was created by you under non-standard circumstances and you may be using it for iCloud. If your Apple Id is working with other Apple Services then it should work in iCloud but if not then Contact iCloud Support .

  1. Exceeded Storage limit

If you are storing everything in iCloud and the storage capacity may get exhausted soon. Upgrade your iCloud Storage.

  1. Unable to log in or log out of the iCloud.

When you are not able to log into the iCloud try the following fix:

  1. DO a Hard Reboot
  2. Ensure you are connected to Wi-FI
  3. Sometimes device time and date may have changed which causes verification issues.
  4. Use another Apple Device in which you have logged with the Same Apple ID. Go to settings>>[Your Name]>>Password & Security >> Get Verification Code . This generates a six-digit-code which you can enter in the another device provided you have enable the two-factor verification on.
  5. iCloud keeps asking me to enter password.

This is an old bug which comes up at times.

  1. Do a Hard Reboot or usual way with the power button.
  2. Sign out and sign in again
  3. Check whether Apple server are up and running in the status page.
  4. Try resetting the Apple Password at Appleid.apple.com and try signing again.
  5. Last option is Back up and restore your device if all the above fixes don’t work.



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