What to do if  HP scanner Not working  Steps Here ?


if you are facing difficulty in HP Scanner Not Working ? I have been there for myself and faced the same problems. If you are struggling to fix the problems, Here’s some exclusive information for you or you can Call HP customer support number.

As you know very well HP product are one of the most reputed brands in the present market for all your printing works. We Providing customers with features like wireless printing, fast scanning and others HP is the name which is dominating the market. But here are some common problems that you might be facing in your HP Printers.

HP Scanner troubleshooting

  • Checks if there are any software’s that are corrupted. If so uninstall the software and then install it again. To find the dishonored files, turn on your device and then open the command prompt window. Attempt it as an administrator.
  • Once the window opens, you can type scan now as or SFC in the command window
  • Wait for some time. A window will open where you can find the corrupted files.
  • If you get it not easy to fix these errors, try putting the safe mode and try it again. Click on the Enter tab, after you type the command
  • Finally, press the Enter button
  • You can wait since it will take few seconds to entire the process.

Open the exact command prompt > Run as administrator > Type the scan command in the space provided (try it in safe mode) > Check if the corrupted files are removed

Check the version of Windows 10 creator update software

for all time ensure you install the newest version of windows 10 creator software. Repair choice will help you to repair the corrupted software and Drivers.

How to Update the scanner Driver software

  • Check the HP scanner software and ensure it is the latest version. It is always best to use the Driver talent tool.T his tool will help you to update the latest version of the software automatically.
  • Driver easy tool to install the software’s compatible with your device – The latest and the best tool to check and update the drivers.  The best part about the tool is that it can easily find the software’s that are compatible to use with your device
  • Make a note that it is important to find the software that is compatible to use with the scanner.
  • Choose the Web Pages that help you to download the latest version of the software. HP customer support page is where you can find the latest version of software’s for your Printer.

HP scan and Doctor Tool

  • To use the tool, navigate to the HP page and type the name of the tool in the search bar
  • The search results will be visible
  • Find the tool
  • Click on it
  • Choose it and then Press the download tab
  • After you entire the download, open the tool
  • Press the start option
  • A list of scanners available will be listed
  • You can choose the exact name of the Scanner from the list
  • Retry the steps if the name of the scanner is not visible
  • Move on with the onscreen Instructions
  • The last step is to click on the Fix scanning option

How to Restart your PC

  • Restart your computer once and most of the errors associated with the Windows 10 creator updates will be resolved
  • Wait for some time and then check if the error is resolved
  • Uninstall other Software’s such as Adobe Flash Players
  • Look for other software such as Adobe Flash Players installed on your computer. Uninstall it; since this software’s can cause scanner errors to some extent

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How Do You Fix HP Scanner Not Working Error

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