Why HP Printer is not responding

HP is great multinational giant which is situated in USA yet has its presence all about the globe. HP printers are known for its state of art technology, power , flexibility and stability. However HP Printers are manufactured with all outstanding worry and tough, there might be a few situation when your HP printer might not work. This strength guide to a problem when HP Printer is not responding . If you face this circumstances when your HP printers experiences a problem, You will distinguish an error message on your PC screen that says that your printer is in an error state. This won’t permit your printer to work in a appropriate manner.

HP Printer not responding

if Your HP Printer Not Responding? Step by Step Guide to Fix

• You require to turn on the printer and wait till the time printer becomes idle and silent, then, continue.
• You require to disconnect the USB cable from the rear of the printer.
• although, If the hp printer is of the group of network or wireless connection then you can leave it connected.
• at this time, you need to remove the ink cartridges.
• Since the printer is turned on, all you need to do is now disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer and as well as from the wall outlet or power strip.
• Now, wait for at least 60 seconds.
• one time the wait duration is over, you can plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
• You should connect the printer power cord directly to a wall outlet.
• Once connected, you should reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
• Turn the printer on, if the printer does not automatically turn on.
• During the warm period, the printer lights flash and the carriage moves, when this happens, do not touch the printer, wait for some time.
• When the warm-up period is over, the printer becomes silent and idle before you proceed.
• Insert the ink cartridges again.
• If a prompt asks you to print a calibration page, you can do so.
• If you have disconnected the USB cable, you can reconnect it to the rear of the printer.
• Now, take a print out.
The above troubleshooting steps are going to help you for HP printer not responding. In such case, customers are required to contact the customer support team of the hp and Get help from the technical expert so as to get the answer for different issues faced by them.

Guide HP Printer Not Responding ? Step by Step to Fix

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