HP Printer Not Connecting to Internet

Facing technical difficulties with your printer can be quite frustrating especially when your in a hurry. It might not always be possible to slow down or halt your work due to technical issues faced with your printer and HP printers provide some of the best solutions to resolve issues with your HP printer by following a few simple steps.

HP printer not connecting to internet

How to fix issues with your HP printer not connecting to internet

If you are facing problems with your HP printer not connecting to internet, you can follow a few simple steps mentioned below to resolve the issue.

  • Check whether your router and internet connection is working properly. In such a case you, can restart your router or contact your internet service provider to resolve your internet issues.
  • If your internet connection is working fine, and you are still unable to connect your HP Printer to the internet, you should check the wireless button or key on your printer and check whether your printer has its airplane mode enabled or not. Press the button for about 10 seconds and wait for a change in wireless connection icon and the turning of the LED light into green.
  • You can also try to update your wireless driver using the Device Manager by downloading and updating the latest wireless LAN adapter driver.
  • Utilise the automatic troubleshooting option wherein, inbuilt tools provided by HP will test and fix issues related to your HP printer not connecting to internet, automatically. You can either use the HP Support assistant or Windows automated troubleshooter.
  • Check and Reset your Hardware by turning off your PC, disconnect power from your router and hardware, wait for a few seconds before reconnecting power to your router, hardware and wait until all lights are back on your router
  • Utilise Device Manager to reinstall the wireless network adapter.
  • Download and update wireless Network Drivers

In case you are unable to resolve issues with your HP printers using any of the steps mentioned above, you can directly call on the hp customer support number and speak to one of their customer service representatives.

How to Fix HP Printer not Connecting to internet

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