How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

Steps by steps process How to install window 10

Windows 10 is really an wonderful and highest OS proffer by the Microsoft. There billions of users at present using the Windows 10 due to its advanced and secure features.It proffers an easy user interface that makes it preferable to use. If you still didn’t have Windows 10 OS, then you can very easily install it on your computer. The process of Windows 10 installation is very easy and simple. In this  blog, you will be teach about the step by step procedure to install Windows 10 in a very easy way.


• First of all, make sure that you have an installation disc of Windows 10 or drive that loaded the Windows 10. You can also download Windows 10 installation tool from the official Microsoft website.
• Now open the Start menu and then click on Power icon.
• Click on Restart to restart your computer.
• Now press and hold the Del F2 keys together to enter setup.
• Click on Boot tab and then choose the arrow keys from your keyboard to select the Boot Options.
• Choose a device from which you want to boot such as USB flash drive or disc installation.
• Press the + key and then choose an option of booting.
• Now save the settings by pressing the option Save and Exit.
• Now wait until your computer restart and then a new window will open where you will begin to install Windows 10.
• After that, choose your installation language and then click on Next.
• Click on the Install Now tab.
• Now enter your Windows 10 key into the given field and then click on Next. If you don’t have a Windows key, then click on Skip.
• Now read the license terms and then check the I accept the license terms box and then click on Next.
• Click on the Upgrade option and then wait for fewer minutes until the Windows 10 install.
• Now follow the on-screen setup instructions to complete the installation process.

With the above mentioned steps, you can very smoothly install Windows 10 on your computer .For any other assistance, you can contact Windows 10 support team.

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