How to install Google Chrome Browser in Ubuntu

if you want to install google chrome browser in Ubuntu  …everything you already have. Follow  the given process and fix it properly.

First of all Open Firefox (the default web browser on Ubuntu) and head to the official Google Chrome download for Linux page.

On this page you’ll be asked to “accept” the Google Chrome Terms of Service. If you’re happy with what’s on offer click the “Accept & Install” button:

how to download google chrome for linux in ubuntu

Then You’ll see the following box appear. Check the “Download” option:

save google chrome download

The installer package is downloaded to your ~/Downloads folder by default (unless you choose a different location).

When the Chrome installer download completes you can open your  file manager to find it. To begin installation just click twice on the installer package:

Google Chrome installer for Ubuntu

The Software app will open. Click the ‘install’ button:

install Google Chrome using ubuntu software app

Now Enter your password when/if prompted:

The progress bar will shuffle along for a few seconds.

When the install is complete you can open Google Chrome by a) clicking the ‘launch’ button in the Software app, or b) search and open it from the app menu.

google chrome app launcher in gnome applications overview

Getting Set Up with Google Chrome in Ubuntu

On first run you may see a prompt asking if you want to make Google Chrome your default browser on Ubuntu:

dialog prompt to make chrome default browser

If you do, check the box and click “Ok” to proceed.

Google Chrome will open and you’ll see a (mostly empty) browser window.

google chrome start page for new installs

Sign-in with your Google Account to sync your synced bookmarks, passwords and extensions (if you have any)

So, After Applying this process still unable to fix this kind of issues then Dial Given Help Desk which are given in above .

How to Fix Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu

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