How to Configure Linksys Router AND Why Need Setup Linksys router ?

If you want to access Linksys router in a proper way just set up it properly. We are telling some steps to Configure and setup Linksys router. You Need to follow given below steps:

  • You are required to connect the cable modem to the router’s Internet port.
  • Now you will have to connect Wi-Fi  network with an Ethernet cable.
  • After that you need to open browser and enter IP address Linksys router.
  • Then go to Access the router’s web based setup page.
  • You are required to enter login details such as user name will be blank and password should be admin then click on the OK button.
  • Here you have to select setup tab and click on the “MAC address Clone”.
  • You will have to enable MAC address then select “clone my PC’s MAC”.
  • Now select the save setting option.
  • Go to the internet connected and click on the “automatic configuration”.
  • To check internet IP address, you are required to select status tab.
  • You have to click on the Release IP address then select Renew IP address button.
  • After that individual will have to turn of the router button then power off your device.
  • Wait for some time and power on your device.

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How to Configure Linksys Router 

After setting you need to configure Linksys router. We are describing some guidelines to configure Linksys router.

First of all you need to open the browser and visit to IP address of Linksys router.
Here you will have to enter the router network password.
Now you need to type Open DNS address in static DNS 1 and DNS 2 field.
You need to write current DNS setting before switching to openDNS field.
After that you will have to click on the save settings option.
Now you need to clear DNS resolver cache to get the DNS configuration settings immediately.

How  Do you Setup Linksys Extender

  • First of all you need to identify the wireless settings such as wireless name ,wireless channel,wireless password or security.
  • Now you need to reset the range extender by pressing and hold the reset button for 5-6 seconds.To do this you will have to follow given below instructions.
  • You need to connect your computer to the Ethernet cable of your Linksys range extender.
  • You are required to plug your Linksys extender to the power button.
  • After that you will have to launch web browser settings then you are required to enter the IP address in the given address bar.
  • Here you will be induced that you need to fill username and password.You need to leave balnak in your user name and enter admin in the password field.
  • After that click on th logon option.
  • Here you are required to click on the wireless option then select basic wireless settings.
  • You are required to select Manual then you need to enter router network name.
How Do You Configure & Setup Linksys Router

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