Every Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod) mobile devices have a Find my iPhone section and there is a feature which is called iCloud Activation Lock. It is basically developed to stops anyone else to use your device if it is lost or stolen and the bypass the activation lock is enabled automatically whenever you turned on Find my iPhone on your device.

Find my iPhone activation lock helps to distrain anyone who wants to reactivate your iPhone device. Activation lock iPhone bypass works with storing your Apple id securely on the Apple’s activation server and link it with your iPhone device. After performing this activity on your iPhone device, your Apple ID password or device passcode is required when anyone wants to turn off the Find my iPhone option from your device or reactivate it or use your device or erase your device.

There are reliable ways to bypass the activation lock on Apple device including iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. So, read this full article to get instant solutions.

How to bypass the activation lock on Apple device: –

Here are many easy and quick solution to fix this issue. Follow the below steps carefully:

1. Change the DNS address: –

The answer of the way of the bypass the activation lock on the Apple device is iCloud DNS bypass with the change of activation path. So, change the request from the Apple server to an iCloud DNS server which allows you to turn on the activation feature on your iPhone device. You have to need a sim card on a sim tray on your device to change the DNS address. Go through the below description:

  • First of all, choose your language and country.

How to Bypass the Activation Lock

  • After that, tap on the WiFi Settings option and then you will see I letter which is beside the WiFi network.

How to Bypass the Activation Lock

  • Now, press the home button of your iPhone and then choose More WiFi Settings
  • Then, click on the I option and then select the Configure DNS

configure dns

  • After that, go to the Manual tab and select +Add server


  • Now, type the server address as per your location:
  • Europe:
  • USA:
  • Asia:
  • Rest of the World:
  • After selecting your server address, click on the Save
  • Now, tap on the Back
  • Then, navigate to the Join this Network section and select your preferred network.
  • After selecting your preferred network, provide your network password and tap on the Join
  • Then, your Apple device will try to activate and you have to tap on the Back
  • After that, set up your Apple device normally.
  • Restart your device and check if the activation lock is activated successfully. If you still face this issue then move to the next steps.

2. iPhoneIMEI.net: –

You can use iPhone IMEI to bypass the activation lock and remove the iCloud account from the Apple device. But it is an online service that takes 3 to 6 days to complete the process. But keep in mind that it doesn’t take guarantee to unlock your Apple device. Follow the below steps to bypass the activation lock with the use of iPhoneIMEI.net:

  1. First of all, open a web browser and type iphoneimei.net and click on the unlock iCloud option.
  2. Now, you will get the IMEI number of your Apple device.
  3. If you find that your Apple device is activated then dial *#06# and get your IMEI number on your device.
  4. Alternatively, navigate to the Settings section and select the General
  5. Now, tap on the About option and drop-down to get your Apple device iPhone IMEI number.
  6. In case, your Apple device is not activated then you have to search for the I button which is on the activation screen and click on it to get your Apple device IMEI number.
  7. After getting your iPhone device IMEI number, type it in the provided box and choose your iPhone model.
  8. After selecting your iPhone model, tap on the Unlock Now
  9. Now, you have to pay money.
  10. After completing the payment, you will get a confirmation mail and the process will take 3 to 6 working days to unlock your iPhone device.

Remove iCloud account when your Apple device is activated: –

Here is a software which name is iMyFone Lock Wiper iPhone Unlocked. It is used to remove the iCloud account when your iPhone device is activated. iMyFone Lock Wiper iPhone Unlocked is an authentic iCloud unlocking tool that can remove every Apple device lock in a few minutes and also allow you to set up a new iCloud account on your device. Follow the below steps to know the feature of iMyFone Lock Wiper iPhone Unlocked:

  1. It can remove the iCloud account when your Apple device including iPhone, iPad, iPod without any password.
  2. If your previous iCloud is being removed then it can also set up a new iCloud account.
  3. After removing the iCloud account, you can also enjoy all iOS features and iCloud services.
  4. One important thing, your Apple device will not be locked or erased by the previous iCloud account.
  5. It doesn’t require any skills to operate, which means it is a complete self-service program.

Steps to remove iCloud account from your Apple device without password: –

  1. First of all, open a web browser and type iMyFone Lock Wiper iPhone Unlocked: to download and install it on your system and connect your Apple device with that system with the help of a USB cable.
  2. Now, click on the Unlock Apple ID option which is made from the Home interface to remove the iCloud account from your current device.
  3. After that, tap on the Start to Unlock option that unlocks your device.
  4. In case, Find my iPhone option is enabled on your system then you have to need to reset the all Settings on your Apple device like:

Navigate to the Settings section and select the General tab and click on the Reset All Settings option.

Now, restart your device and check if the iCloud account has been removed successfully.

In this blog, we discussed to bypass the activation lock on an Apple device, I hope, it is helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding then call our expert’s team to resolve them.

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How to Bypass the Activation Lock
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