How to Reset iTunes and How Do I Reset Apple ID Password on iPhone

How do you fix error if apple id password not working

In this Article, we are going to show the steps about iTunes Password Reset and How Do I reset apple id password on iPhone.

iTunes Password Reset Steps

Step 1: once you sign in iTunes store and forgot the password, you’ll be able to go on with clicking “Forgot Apple ID or Password”.

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID and click on Next. this is usually (though not always) the e-mail address related to your account. If you forgot your Apple ID and want to reset/recover it, then click Forgot Apple ID?

Step 3: after you enter your Apple ID, there are usually 2 ways in which you’ll be able to reset your password: use Email authentication or Answer security questions.

Step 4: If you select email authentication, you’ll receive a itune verification email in the email account related to your iTunes account. make sure email account and click on on the Reset your Apple ID link in the email.

Step 5: If you choose to answer security questions, choose your birth date, then click Next. Now, answer the two security questions. Then, you’ll be able to set a new password by clicking Reset Password.

Step 6: Once you have reset iTunes password, please sign in together with your new password everywhere that you simply use your Apple ID to make sure it works. And if you do not update your password in all apps and services, you will still receive a pop-up message asking you to sign in.

How To Reset Apple ID Password on iPhone

If you forgot your Apple ID email or password, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: To reset your password, click on Forgot Apple ID or password.

Step 3: Precise what’s wrong along with your ID: whether you forgot your ID name or password.

Step 4: Enter all the required information, everything you’ll be able to remember. how to reset Apple ID

Then you must verify your ID in the most convenient way. you’ll choose one of the following options:

  • Answer your security questions,
  • Receive an email to your email address.

Step 5: After you did the reset, you’ll be asked to sign in again.

I hope this article helped you to find iTunes Password Reset Method and How do I Reset my Apple ID Password on Iphone Method.


How Do I Reset Apple ID Password on iPhone

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