My Hotmail account Not Working on iPhone

hotmail not working on iphone

It can be quite frustrating for Hotmail users when your Hotmail account is not working on iPhone and you are unable to send, receive and check emails from your iPhone. The user can resolve the issue your Hotmail account not working on iPhone.

Reasons behind the occurrence of this error:

There are some reason by which Hotmail not working issue has occurred. These reasons are given below:

  • Hotmail is not compatible with the browser user used for Hotmail.
  • This error is also occurred due to bad internet connection.
  • If the Hotmail account is being hacked by someone then the Hotmail account stops working.
  • This is also possible that your Hotmail account stops working due to some inappropriate actions like spam messages.
  • Hotmail version is not updated.

These above are the reasons behind the issue Hotmail not working.

Common issues users faced with Hotmail:

Here are some reasons users faced with Hotmail:

  • Hotmail is not sync is the issue occurred when your Hotmail is not working properly.
  • Unable to log into the account’ issue has occurred when the internet connection and browser do not supports Hotmail.
  • Unable to recover the account’ is the issue occurred when the settings configuration is not correct in Hotmail.
  • ‘Hotmail DNS not responding’ is the issue that occurred when there is some issue with the server.

Reboot your iPhone

If your Hotmail account is not working on iPhone, you can reset your iPhone by pressing on the hold/wake button continuously for 15 seconds or until an apple logo appears. This means your iPhone has rebooted. Now try accessing your Hotmail account to see if it is working or not.

Reset all Settings
If your Hotmail account not working on iPhone, follow these steps to reset your Network
• Go to Settings >> General >> Reset>>>Choose the option of “Reset all Settings”

Reconfigure your Hotmail Account on your iPhone

If your Hotmail account not working on iPhone is still not working after trying the above-mentioned steps, you will need to delete and once again add your Hotmail account to your iPhone.

• Open the Settings application of your iPhone
• Select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option and delete your Hotmail account from your iPhone.
• Now select Add Account.
• Choose “Microsoft Exchange” as your account type
• Enter details of your Hotmail account
• Select “” as your server address.
• Once your iPhone successfully authenticates your Hotmail account, more the mail slider to the “On” position.

In a rare event that your Hotmail account is not working on iPhone, in spite of trying all the options mentioned above, you can contact the, Hotmail technical support numberfor further assistance.
The Hotmail technical support numberand its working hour may varyfrom country to country, and this information can be found on Apple’s website. The Hotmail technical support numberis operated by certified, trained and experienced professionals who are always happy to help you and resolve your issues.

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