Google Play Store Not Working

Google play services have been stopped working how to fix this issues

google play services has been stopped working

When you want to download an App urgently, but your google play services have been stopped working, it can be a quite frustrating experience. If you find your Google play store not working, you can directly resolve the issue following on of the few steps given below.

1. Update your Google Play App

At times, older versions of your Google Play app might cause google play services has been stopped working, which can be resolved by a simple update.

• Go to Google Play Store on your Device.
• Now Enter in My Apps and Games.
• Select the Update option in “all installed apps section.”
• This will automatically start updating your google play app and resolve your problem of Google play store not working,

2. Setting the correct date and time on your device

In case you witness an error “unfortunately Google play services has stopped cm13”, this is due to the time and date on your device is not accurate. It can be fixed by opening the setting app of your device, selecting time and date and then selecting Automatic date and time provided by your network option. This will resolve the problem of your google play services has been stopped working.

3. Reinstall your Google Play App

Many times, simply uninstalling and reinstalling your Google Play App can resolve almost all of your problems with your Google play store not working. Users can use the below-mentioned steps to reinstall their Google Play App.

• Open the Settings of your device.
• Select Security
• Now select Device administrator and Deactivate your Android Device Manager.
• Return to Setting and Go to Application Manager
• Select Google Play Services and Click on Uninstall/Update option.
• Select to uninstall the App.
• Now reactivate your Android Device Manager
• Applications which rely on the Play Store will provide you with a prompt request for an update, and you can select this to reinstall the updated Google Play app.

Google Play Store Stopped Working

You may have searched on the internet and found some tricks, then tried them one by one, however, none of them worked. really there’s no official answer to the current problem, therefore we tend to collect many common and helpful tips to fix Google play store stopped working problem. Let’s go on to get more details.

Clear the Google Play Store Cache:

The cache will compile within the Google Play Store app and slow down the loading speed or perhaps cause the Google play store stopped working apps on android. By wiping the Google Play Store cache your Google Play Store may work once more on your Android device. visit Settings > Apps or Application manager, it depends on your device. Scroll down and hit Clear cache otherwise you may have to 1st go in Storage then Clear cache.

Remove and Reset your Google Account:

Some users would recommend resetting your Google account to fix the problem of Google play store stopped working on android. simply visit Settings > Accounts and choose your Google account. tap on the 3-dot menu button and hit “Remove”. Then add your account once more and take a look at to access to the Google Play Store.

Force Stop the Google Play Store:

Sometimes the answer is simply as simple as a force closing to the Google Play Store. you’ll wipe away the Google Play Store on your multitasking app switcher. otherwise, you might visit Settings > Apps > All then access the Google Play Store and tap on “Force stop”.

Disable your VPN on Android Device:

VPN may be a good way to access all of your favorite media outside your geographic location, however, your VPN might cause your Google play store stopped working apps on android. therefore try and shut down the VPN on an Android device: Settings > tap more or more networks depending on your device. tap VPN and toggle it off.

Why has Google Play stopped working

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