How Do You Fix Google Photos not Working & Backed up photos not loading on new phone’s Google Photos app

Google photos backup not working Solution

Learn steps How to Install Google Photos on your iOS, Android, mac OS, and Windows devices to keep all of your photos backed up to one location. Google Photos customer service will work behind the scenes to repeatedly back up your photos—and depending on your photo superiority needs; the backups are both free and unlimited.

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Google photos apps is launched by Google which is used for storing all the photos. It provides online storage to user which keeps your photos safe and secure. Google Photos not working team provides so many improbable features, because of these features this application is used by so many users.

Know Fast & Easy Guide to Fix Google Photos Not Working on Android

There might be possibly when you use Google photos not working  on android phone then it does not work in a proper way. If google photos not working on android then you need to follow given below steps:

First of all, go to the setting of your Android phone.
Then go to the application manager.
After that tap on the photos app on your Android device.
Now clear the the cache then you will have to wait for the calculating message then tap on the clear cache.

Google photos still not Working or Responding on Android Device

  • If still you are getting any issue then uninstall the app .
  • Thereafter you will have to restart your phone
  • Then again reinstall Google photos app and test it.

 You Must Know Google Photos Not Working On iPhone

If you are excited Google Photos Not Working on iPhone then you do not need to more panic as we provide you easy steps to solve all the issue related to Google photos.You need a look on the given below steps:

Go to the settings of iPhone.
Click on the Google photos.
You will see the access of Google photos which includes your phone photos.
Here you need to check Backup and sync settings ,it is turned on or not if it is not turned on then you need to check the box.
You will have to check all the rest option and check the proper setting.

Check Storage in iPhone

For this go to the settings option.
select application manager in the application option.
Then you are required to find the clear data and clear cache option.

Google Photos App Still Not Working or Responding on iPhone

Check Google photos app , if still you are having any trouble then try to uninstall it from your iPhone.
For this you need to go to the App store
search the Google photos app then click on the download option.
You need to check that google photos app is synchronized with ilibrary or iCloud.
You need to turn off your iPhone then wait for some time and again restart your device.

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Google Photos Not Working on Android

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