Google Assistant not working for you ? Here’s some possible fixes

If you are using Android Smartphone from long time and use  Google product, then you would be aware of the fact that in your mobile, the applications of Google will be there by default. Sometimes, it happens that the users complain that the Google not working. So, to fix this issue such as OK Google not working, Google map not working, Google wallet not working , Google drive not working, Google chat not working or other , the user have to follow the below step by step process. The user must check this problem after following each and every step mentioned below.

Google Not Working on MAC

Do you access your Google account on Mac? But unexpectedly it has not working? Then don’t be frustrated and go through below steps:

• First of all, open Keychain Access on your Mac and then find Google from the menu.
• Now delete all the Google access.
• Now back to Internet Accounts page and then you need to enter your Google Account information again.
• After that, try to access your Google account.
BY Following this steps you can fix Google not working on MAC .

OK Google Not Working

“OK Google” is the voice detection program by Google. Sometimes OK Google not working on their phones will lead frustrations in using the voice detection for search purpose.s. Fix it using the following steps:

  1. In your phone, open Settings >> Google >> Search >> Voice
  2. Ensure that the ‘access with voice match’ switched on
  3. Tap ‘Retain Voice Model’ and on prompt say ‘Ok Google’ & ‘Hey Google’.
  4. Now the Google assistant should respond again to your voice as usual.

After doing the above steps, even now if Google assistant not working, check the following:

  1. Check your language settings –
    1. Go to the Google App
    2. Main Menu >> Settings >> Voice [Under search] >> Select the appropriate language from the voice menu.
    3. You can choose primary and secondary language which Google can detect automatically which language you are speaking.
    4. A word of caution to you: if you are multilingual, voice recognition for languages other than English may not be on par.
  2. Ensure whether your microphone is working on your device
  3. If you have Samsung phone, then disable S voice or Bixby.
  4. Check whether Wi-Fi or Mobile data is switched on and its working
  5. Sometimes after all these, OK Google may not work. Now Re-Train your Google Digital training. In order to Re-Train >> Settings>>Voice [under search] >> Voice Match. Say the ‘Ok Google’ three times.

This might fix the issue of OK Google not working or responding in android phone or tablet device.

Google Pixel Not Working ON  Wifi

Troubleshooting the issue of Google Pixel is the best practice to resolve the issue. The most and the common problem with Google Pixel is that the user face poor Wi-Fi connection or not working at all. Moreover, the common problem with smartphones is being unable to get, or maintain an internet connection. To resolve the issue, the user is recommended to follow the following instructions step by step and resolve it. The user initially need to

• Restart the device
• Go to Settings then Wi-Fi and toggle the feature off and on and make sure Airplane mode is turned off
• Remove the network that is being tried to connect by going to Settings and then Wi-Fi
• Select the network
• Tap Forget to remove it
• Re-add it and try connecting once again
• Reset the network settings from Settings then More (Under Wireless & Networks) and then Network settings reset, Reset settings
• Restart the router and modem
• Boot the phone into Safe mode by starting it by pressing and holding the Power button
• After a moment, a box should appear, touch and hold Power off
• Message will be displayed “Reboot to safe mode”
• Tap OK and the device will start in safe mode. The user need to make sure that the words “Safe mode” should be seen in a box at the bottom
• Restart the phone to exit safe mode and then uninstall any recently installed apps one at a time and keep checking the connection after every uninstall, until Wi-Fi works
• After the app causing the problem is identified, the user can reinstall the other apps that he or she removed

How to Fix Google Map App Not Working

First of all, user need to check the Internet connectivity.
Then afterwards user need to open the Google chrome browser.
Further click on the Menu icon with three dotted line at the top right corner.
Again Go to setting and make sure to come down at the bottom of the page.
Further click on the Advanced page and then click on Content setting in order to fix Google map not working issue
Again under the privacy and security, user needs to choose scroll down to location.
Make sure to select the options “ Ask before accessing “ .
Now afterwards choose the https :// ‘’ has a permission to access the physical location/
Again click on the done button.

How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

On the off chance that you can’t sign in, go to the record recuperation page, and answer the inquiries decently well.
Utilize this page for account recuperation if:
Somebody changed your account data, similar to your recuperation telephone number or email
Somebody erased your record
You can’t sign in for another reason
On the off chance that regardless you experience difficulty, attempt these tips for account recuperation. On the off chance that you attempt different circumstances, it won’t hurt your odds of recuperating your record.
Once your account has been recovered change its password for good

Google Photo not backing up on Android

Check your back up status

  • Open the Google Photos app .
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Tap Photos .
  • At the top, you’ll see if your photos are backed up, or if it’s still waiting to back up.

Check your back up settings

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • At the top, tap Menu Menu and then Settings.
  • Tap Back up & sync. If it’s on, you should see these options:

Google App Not Working – Instant Solution Here

  1. Press and hold the power button on your screen and then the Restart button should be clicked on immediately.
  2. Sometimes, this problem occurs because of the fact that the system of their Smartphone is not updated. In that case, the users have to update the ANDROID OS as soon as possible.
  3. Along with that, one thing which the users can do is to navigate to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE app and then go to the MY APPS AND GAMES link.
  4. There, they have to update the GOOGLE app in the best possible steps.
  5. Sometimes, the users have other methods also like forcefully stopping this app which helps the users to close that app and launching it properly.
  6. Moreover, clearing the cache and the app data of the Google app from the Settings also fixes this problem and you should definitely try this method.
  7. The final recommended method is to uninstall this app from your smartphone and then reinstall it again from the Google Play Store and we guarantee that the Google app in your mobile will start working again.

How to Fix Google play Not working?

Most of us have had a problem with Google play not working . Here is steps where you can learn to fix this.

Go to settings.
Tap on applications
Open application manager
Tap on “All” and then select Google Play Services.
Tap on Clear cache.
It will fix the issues with Google Play Services.


Open Settings on your Android device.
Tap on Apps/Application Manager to get the detailed view of the apps.
In the Application page, you will find all the apps working on the Android device, select Google Apps and on the next page, you will get ‘Clear Caches’ button; tap on it.
Repeat this process for all the Google apps.
After furnishing the same, restart your device.


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