Google Drive Not Syncing All Files, Folders or other

Google Drive is the widely used cloud platform which is used to store files as a backup or share files with someone. It come as a pre-installed client on Android Mobile devices or can be configured on desktop. There are times the users of Google Drive face issues when Google Drive is not syncing due to various reasons. This becomes a stumbling block in sharing a file to someone else or taking a backup of your files. I have shortlisted a set of solutions to resolve when Your Google Drive is not syncing and they are:

  1. In order to sync the data, Internet Connection needs to be active in order to transfer the files from the device over to the Google Drive. Whenever the Google Drive is not syncing, then you have to check your Internet connection is up. If not, the connection is not up, then try connecting your Wi-Fi or use your mobile of your Wi-Fi is not up. When using Mobile data, make sure to enable the option “Transfer Files only over Wi-Fi Download”. Then check the whether the sync is enabled.
  2. Restart your device – Restart your device and check again whether the sync is working.
  3. Restart Your Backup and sync – Restart the process of taking back up and sync.
  4. Refresh Google Drive – On Android devices, swipe across the screen and to refresh the app.
  5. Sign out of your Account from all devices and sign-in again
  6. Clear cached data – Sometimes the App data stored on the Google Drive may cause stop the google drive from working. Clearing the cache data will make the Google Drive to work again. To clear the cache app data…Go to the Drive appà menu àsettings à clear Cache. Don’t afraid to clear the cache data as this would not affect any other data on your device.
  7. Your Google Drive needs to be of latest version

Even After following the above solutions, if your Google Drive is still not working, then you have it uninstalled and reinstall the google drive from Google Play Store.

Google Drive Not Syncing, Learn Here How would you Fix this Problem

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