Is Google Docs Not Working ? Any Issues Solution Right Now ?

If you experience problems when trying to open or edit Google Doc and wondering why your Google Docs not working, then try the following steps:

  1. Refresh the page:
    1. Chrome: top left corner next to the address bar, click reload this page.
    2. Safari : Reload Page
    3. Firefox : Click Reload Page.
    4. Internet Explorer: Press the Key F5.
    5. Microsoft Edge : Press Key F5
  2. Check opening the same Google Docs in another computer, another browser in the same computer. If it’s opens then check whether the browser version. Ensure the browser version up to-date.
  3. Check the file which are trying to open have the required file permissions. For Instance, if you are trying to edit a file for which you have only view access, then you will not be able to open the Google Docs.
  4. Check the format of the file and you may need to convert the file into one of the accepted Google Formats.
  5. Check whether the size of the file is within the size limits.
  6. Check whether any extensions or plugins that’s installed recently and which may be causing the problems in opening the Google Docs.
  7. Clear the Cache & Cookies in the browser or cache data in the app.
  8. Turn offline setting off and on again. Settings>>If the offline is on then switch it off.
  9. Check whether any Computer firewall is enabled which making the Google Doc not working.

Even after trying the above steps, if your Google Docs not working, then you can post a question in Google Docs Forum.



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