Google Chrome Back  Button Not Working

Google Chrome is a web browser developed and introduced by Google which is compatible with all platforms and operating systems. Google Chrome is considered one of the best and most popular web browsers in the marketplace due to its user-friendly interface and easy to use functions.

On rare occasion, your Google Chrome web browser might give users specific issues like the google chrome back button not working, or you might experience your Google chrome not working etc. You can resolve these issues of your Google Chrome by merely following any one of the below mentioned steps.

• Restart your computer 

Restarting your computer can help in resolving your Google Chrome browser related issues. This solution is most useful when a simple reboot is required your browser related issues or the user might not have powered down their devices for a few days. Go to your menu, click on the button with the power icon and click or restart.
Post restarting your system, open your browser and check if your google chrome back button is not working, or your Google chrome not working.

• Checking your internet connectivity

Google Chrome can operate at slow speeds and you might experiences web pages loading slowly in case you are facing issues with your internet connectivity. In case there are issues with your internet connectivity you can reboot your browser or contact your internet service provider to resolve the issue.

• Update your Operating System

The Google Chrome browser is not supported on versions operating systems older than the OS X 10.9 and Windows 7.Hence it is essential for users to use the latest versions of the operating systems to enjoy a seamless experience while using the Google Chrome Web Browser.
• Run a Scan for Malware

Often, when you computers are infected with computer viruses and Malware, youmight experience your home page changing on its own, unsavoury pages loading, experience a high volume of pop-ups on your Google Chrome Browser. In such an event, it is recommended to run a thorough malware check on your system using good quality and reputable anti-virus programs. Removal of malware and viruses can resolve issues with your google chrome back button is not working, or your Google chrome is not working

• Update your Google Chrome Web Browser

Users cannot experience the same level of performance using older versions of the Google Chrome Browser,and users can update their older version of Chrome Browsers to the latest version to the latest version to experience better performance andresolve your google chrome back button not working, or your Google chrome not working.

Google Chrome Back Button Not Working

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