Gmail Password without Security Question – How to recover it see here ?

Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to recover or reset your Google password and regain access to your Gmail account. Google no longer supports security questions as a way to access accounts on its account password-assistance page, so it’s okay if you don’t remember that. As of publication, it is the the best way to access your Google account is with a recovery phone or recovery email address.So if you are looking for Gmail Password without security Question then there are some informative steps that can help you to recover your Google account.

Recover Gmail Password without security Question – [Solved ]-

Here are the steps to recover the Gmail account without security questions:

  • Now Open the Gmail login page and enter the Gmail ID. Click on the ‘Next’ option now.
  • Click on ‘Forgot password?’ in the next page and start the password recovery process.
  • In the following page, enter the last Gmail password that you remember and click on ‘Next’.
  • Now Click the box next to “Confirm access to my recovery email.”
  • Next click “Continue” to get an email to your alternate email address. This email address will include instructions on how to reset your Gmail password.
  • Enter your new Gmail password in ‘Create password’ field and also confirm the password.
  • Finally click on ‘Change password’ and the new Gmail account password will be set. Now login to the Gmail account using your new account password.

How Recover Gmail Password without Security Question & Mobile Number

The procedure to recover your account when without security question and mobile number is given as follows:

Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to recover or reset your Google password and regain Go to account recovery page of Gmail.
Enter the email address of the account that you need to recover.
Click on Next button.
The first option that you get to recover your account is through mobile number but since you don’t want to use this option to recover your account, skip this option.
Another option that you get to recover your account is you need to enter month and year of account creation.
However, you can skip the above option if you want to and hop on the next option which is recovery through primary mail.
Enter the primary mail on the account recovery page.
A mail with link to reset your account is sent on your primary mail address.
Open the primary mail in the next tab with username and password
Click on the mail sent by google to reset your account.
Click on the link in the mail which gets opened in the next tab.
Enter old password and new password and reset the password of your account.
With the above procedure, you can get access to your account with Gmail password reset without security questions.

When you are not able to sign in your Google account in any possible manner and neither you are able to change the google account password, it is advisable to contact the Gmail Support Phone Number. Our Support professionals will provide the best steps for Gmail password recovery.

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