How to Fix Gmail Not Working on Mac

There are Several people are experiencing issues with Gmail Not Working on Mac. It seems that the Gmail not working as expected for some Gmail customer’s . More specifically, Some Gmail customer’s have said that after installing the macOS 10.14.4, and launching the Mail app, Some Gmail customer’s are asked to authenticate their email addresses.

Gmail Not Working on Mac

Following are the troubleshooting steps to make your GMail account working on Mac system

  •  If mail refers to a problem with the mail server or network: This happens if you are connected to your internet but the connection timed out, service outage problem is present with the EMail provider.
  • Mail service prompts that the account appears to be offline: This problem arises even if you are connected to the internet but account prompts to be offline, the issue is with EMail settings.However, Mac automatically uses the correct account settings automatically.The Mac has the option “Mail Settings Lookup” where you can view those settings or you may get the settings directly from Mail provider.
  • If there is delay in the receiving of EMail:  If you face the issue of delay arrival or sending of all EMails in your account, then, kindly contact your EMail provider or internet provider. If the delays occur only communicating to an individual, that particular person should contact to respective internet/EMail provider.
  • If the problem still persists kindly go through following steps: If the issue occured immediately after installing a previous update, kindly check that your Mac system has latest Software Updates.
  • Mail connection doctor: There is an option of Mail Connection Doctor in Mac system, it will tell you more about the issue.
Gmail Not Working on Mac

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