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If your Gmail not Syncing Like different configured sync accounts like MS Exchange, Facebook or Twitter, Gmail sync choices won’t seem below ‘Manage Accounts’ in ‘Accounts and Sync Settings’ option. I think, as a result of Gmail is well-integrated email client app in android, Gmail client is treated with ‘Application sync’ in android.

So, if your android phone isn’t receiving new emails and not giving new email notification on Gmail, enable the ‘Auto-sync’ under ‘Accounts and Sync Settings’.

Press ‘Settings’ on the home screen and choose ‘Accounts and sync’. enable the tick for ‘Auto-sync’ (Applications sync information automatically). By default ‘Background data’ make sure that tick is enabled.

Disabling and re-enabling  above ticks and restarting the device should fix Gmail issue usually, except your phone is seriously having another problems.

For me, enabling ‘Auto Sync’ under settings or in power control widget in home screen fixed the difficulty. currently Gmail is receiving new emails automatically and giving notification without any problems on my Samsung galaxy y duos professional.

Integrated Gmail email client could be a great built-in application for email lovers on android OS. I’m enjoying this feature in my device. Few months ago Sysprobs revealed a private review about Samsung galaxy y pro duos.  Recently on my smartphone Gmail stopped receiving new emails and started giving automatic new email notifications. It worked well initially, therefore I’m positive that the recent changes I did on this phone caused the difficulty. however what might be?

Whenever I keep in mind or expect emails on Gmail, I had to open it and refresh manually to get new emails. however that’s weird after you have a smart phone with proper email client and web connection always.

I have done three software updates for this phone when the purchase, that will be the reason. however when checking few blogs and comparing the changes I did recently, I managed to search out out the reason for not receiving Gmail emails automatically on android phone.

Let us know this Gmail Not Syncing method solved your similar problem.

Gmail Getting Your Messages Waiting for Sync
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