Gmail Not Working in Windows 10 ? And How do I get Gmail Not Working on Windows 10 ?


In this article, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily get your Gmail not Working on Windows 10 .

How to Fix Can’t Add Gmail to Mail App in Windows 10

The prime task is to make an entry to your Gmail account by means of any browser of your choice and then attend the below points –

  • Execute a click on the gear icon on the upper right edge. The gear icon will bring down few options and you need to opt Settings.

  • Upon the disclosure of the Settings page, take your sight and be into the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

  • From the left fringe of various areas, make your presence in the IMAP Access part.
  • Just adjacent to the same section, choose the round cell of Enable IMAP.


  • Travel to the extreme down of the page and click Save Changes button to implement the variation.

In this half, we will focus on the steps to authorize the Mail app. This section is needful with a view to use the Gmail account. Keep going with the steps now –

  • While you are present in the Gmail account, initiate an additional tab on the same browser and bring Google search on sight.
  • Upon the emergence of the same, click on your account photo, noted at the upward right end.

  • From the delivered options, conduct a click on My Account.
  • Move ahead with a click on Sign-in & security��in the following page.
  • When the Sign-in & Security becomes visible in the entire page, come little down till you see Connected Apps & Sites section mentioned on the left column comes into view.
  • Just alongside, an option of Allow less secure apps is visible. Toggle it to ON.

Give it a couple of minutes to execute the adjustments. This is the last segment where a detailed procedure to Fix Can’t Add Gmail to Mail App in Windows 10 is jot down. Carry on reading and execute the steps –

  • Fire up the Mail app utilizing the Start Menu.
  • From the bottom left fringe, click gear symbol which refers to the Settings.
  • A separate sidebar of Settings will come into focus with various segments. Click Accounts.
  • Click Add account button when the bar of the Accounts reflects on the right fringe.
  • This will bring a separate box into focus where the title says Choose an account. Travel to the extreme bottom and tap on Advanced setup.
  • The above action will fetch more options, conduct a tap on Internet email.
  • Now, provide your account settings in individual boxes.
  • Write Gmail as the account title, and your desired name under Your name section.
  • Moving down to the Incoming mail server, put down these words:
  • Under the Account type portion, type IMAP4.
  • Assign your username and password in the respective boxes.
  • For the Outgoing mail server, ensure to write these letters:
  • And ensure to select the extreme end four boxes.
  • At last don’t miss out a click on Sign-in button.


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