Why is my Facebook no news feed showing

Facebook is a social site and here are millions of users over the world. Facebook updated from time to time as per requirements. It updated a new feature which is known as news feed. It also would begin to prioritize the meaningful conversation between family, friends, and relatives over the stories from any publishers, business and brands. Everyone wants an easy convenience for anything related to their requirement, and they prefer Facebook for news feed but they got that Facebook no news feed shows. It also happens that you open Facebook and scroll for news feed and suddenly it stops and shows no more news feeds.

Before the last decade, people use many apps for news feed but when he listens that Facebook also shows you the news feed then they deleted all other apps and use Facebook to get the news feed. But they also suffer that Facebook not showing news feed.

Steps to fix my Facebook no news feed showing: –

Here are many easy and quick steps to know about the exact cause and solution to fix it. Follow the below-given steps carefully:

First, check settings on your Facebook app: –

Whenever you get that Facebook news feed not showing to you then first thing is to prioritize the see first settings for the news feed. Go through the below-given steps:

  • At first, open Facebook and tap on the News Feed option which is on the left side of the Facebook page.
  • Now, click on the Edit Preferences option from there.
  • After that, you get an option to Prioritize who to see first. You can select any thirty pages related to news feed, some close friend’s posts, any blog, etc.

These changes can help you to see news feed become more relevant. When you set the preference then you see only that particular stuff on top of your Facebook page. Now, you can feel that Facebook no news feed showing issue has been resolved successfully.

Explain to them what you want first:-

Sometimes you see that Facebook asks for feedback for any algorithm updates. As you know, you are allowed to like or comment on any Facebook post. But if you prioritize that what you want to see first then Facebook involved that stuff more and shows you at top and you get that Facebook no news feeds issue is resolved.

In case, you tap on the three dots icon of the Facebook post which is at the upper right corner of the post then you will see a string of options about how you want to respond like edit, delete, more. These options include unfollow that person, save the post, and snooze means they would not show up in your timeline for a month.

Here is also an option to Give feedback on this post which tells you that Facebook post violated its community guidelines means it includes violence, nudity, hate speech or something against the rules. You can also hide the post if you don’t want to see more.

Web browser extensions:-

By the use of browser extensions, you can also fix the Facebook news feed not working issue. As you know, Facebook never sends the notification that what they show you first. But if you prioritize the stuff then it sends a notification for that particular news feed.

If you want then you can download Social Fixer or a Google Chrome extension that promises to feel you a better experience with the Facebook news feed.

These extensions allow you to customize every aspect of the social network. It can also fix the problem when you scroll for news feed and it shows you as it ends. Browser extension also uses to hide any post which you never want to see in the future.

These extensions also have a feature to block certain posts from the Facebook news feed. Social Fixer includes some pre-designed options, like Election or Politics 2017 that are used to remove any post which is related to US politics.

In this blog, we discussed to fix my Facebook no news feed showing issue. I hope, it is helpful to you. You can also call to our expert’s team if you have any doubts regarding this.


Why is my Facebook no news feed showing?
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