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Facebook is the major social media platform of this time, having its users in billions. Handling so many users is not an easy task, even if Facebook has considerable experts in managing these users. There have been many complaints of the users that they got insignificant help from the Facebook customer service at the time of need. Facebook has been accused of paying more attention to the advertisers as Facebook earns directly from the advertisers, and it pays the least attention to its users as the users are mean to target the advertisers. This has been noted as the reason behind Facebook customer service to be so weak in earlier days. But things are changing day by day.

Facebook has sensed this irritation among the users of Facebook, and they have started working on improving Facebook support. They have improved this service tremendously so far. Today you can get all the support possible to correct whatever issue you have.

Solve your problems using Facebook 24/7 customer easily:

A friend of mine who is a paying customer of Facebook once had an issue with his account that he couldn’t log in even with his correct credentials. He was locked out of his account. When he approached Facebook 24/7 customer service, he got all the possible help from there. He was just asked to enter his authentic credentials, and then after the verification process was over, he got a message from Facebook that access to his account has been regained. Just after he receives this message, he tried to log in his account, and it was no surprise he was successful in doing so. Then he also got a message listing the issue behind this lockout situation which was a common issue in the servers. So, you can see how Facebook customer service is improving day by day.

In earlier days, Facebook seemed to be not much interested in the issues of customers, but after the $5 billion FTP settlement, Facebook seems to be dedicated to improving Facebook support for its users. So, the company which once was famous for its terrible customer service is now changing.

Use Facebook tollfree number if your problem persists:

I also read about a person who was running a Facebook business account, and once he was unable to access his account. After a little research, he found that his account was hacked. Then he rushed to Facebook customer service by calling the Facebook customer service toll free number. They took a moment and then emailed him that the search for the underlying issue has been started, and he will be notified after Facebook has found the reason behind this issue. And the same thing happened. Someone got a call from Facebook customer service after 3 days. He was asked to verify his credentials, and after that, his access to this account has been granted. He is using his Facebook account seemingly since then.

Gerard Payne was also using a business account on Facebook to which he had added his credit card details. Once, his account got hacked, and he was unable to find a way to access his account. He was scared that he would lose money as he had added the credit card and was unable to access his account, which made him unable to remove his credit card details from his account. He rushed to Facebook support and found the solution for this issue. Just after calling to Facebook, he was assured that his account had been blocked for anyone’s use. He also verified it as there was no money being deducted from his account. Then he got a call from the Facebook support team and was asked to verify his credentials and, finally, he was granted access to his account.

Beware of the Apps you are using and their permissions:

In conclusion, I can say that a lot of these issues occur because of the user’s fault. I have often seen people install the apps which they want and go on clicking on next button when asked about the permissions. They don’t even care about the implications of permitting those apps to access data from their device. When the apps from the Play Store / App store don’t fulfil the demands of users, they go on downloading apps from untrusted websites without caring about the security concerns. These habits may be a reason behind the security concerns which those people are facing. After their accounts get hacked, they start blaming Facebook support. People need to be aware of their devices and the activities performed by them on those devices to avoid any threats.

In case you face any of these difficulties. You are free to contact Facebook customer service toll free number at any time. These services are available anytime. You can avail Facebook 24/7 customer service anytime using the details given below. We have got a team of experts who can solve any issue related to your regular Facebook account or even the business account.

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