How do i Change my Paypal Password Without Phone Number

If you are merchant, professional, the job holders who works abroad, it is always recommended to have an account on the PayPal. PayPal is the world leading and major online payment platforms which allow anyone to send money from one part to another without any much difficult. It helps in avoiding any third party or other mode of payments such as cash, checks and money orders and act as better alternatives to these forms of money transfer techniques. Within a decade it has risen exponentially and acts as a major payment transfer banks. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the Most common problem face by the user is regarding How I Change my PayPal password without phone number:

Change MY PayPal Password Without Phone Number

• First of all, go to the PayPal login page or one can open the PayPal app.
• Click on the tab of having trouble logging in.
• Afterwards a Popup will appear to name the email associated with your account.
• Make sure to enter the email address in your PayPal account and then write the letters of the captcha in a given space in order to complete the form and click on continue.
• Afterwards a verification code will be send to your email address and then write down the verification code in given space in order to reset PayPal password without any Phone number.
• And further click on the next button.
• Write down the new password and then confirm the new password in order to change it.
• Make sure to press on the update button to update it.

But sometimes user does face multiple issues while working on the Issue. Sometimes situation arises that User has access to the mobile number but they never have access to their email address.  Learn here How to Set up easily PayPal Password recovery without phone Number


How Do i Change MY PayPal Password Without Phone Number

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