How to Change Gmail Profile Picture on Android phones

Gmail users can choose a profile picture for their Gmail accounts by their preference and liking. Gmail users can express their mood, opinion, feelings, emotions etc. through their Gmail Profile picture

How to Change Gmail profile picture

• Open your Web Browser and type in the address bar and Press Enter.
• Log into your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.
• Click on the top right-hand side of your browser on the setting icon and open your Gmail Settings.
• Select change picture in the “My Picture” section of the Gmail Settings.
• Now choose and upload a Profile Picture of your Choice. Gmail users can upload profile pictures from their computer systems, their social media profiles or the internet.
• Click on Apply Changes,
• Sign out of your Gmail account and then close your browser.
• Restart your web browser and once again log in your Gmail account.
• Now you will be able to see the profile picture of your choosing on your Gmail account.
We hope the steps mentioned above were helpful in How to Change Gmail profile picture

How Do you Change Gmail profile picture on Android Phone

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