IPhone users who access their emails on their handset, often face issues like cannot get mail. This happens when you refresh your mails from the Mail app in your iPhone, a message appears saying Cannot get mail. This Cannot get mail error on iPhone could be due an issue in your email settings, email server or internet connection.

Reason for Cannot get mail error on iPhone

It is related to a hiccup in the internet connection or email server. Many times, the problem is related to the email settings. Whatever is the reason for this error, we will provide you some simple troubleshooting methods.

Methods to fix Cannot get Mail error

Cannot get mail
  • Try to Send an email from the inbox which is having the issue: try to send an email from the problematic account as the problem is in receiving emails only. If you have more than one inbox, send mail from the account which is having trouble. This fixes the issue temporarily but works in most of the cases.
  • Refresh the inbox: pull down your inbox to refresh your contents, this will remove any error caused due a hiccup in your internet connection.
  • Force close your mail app: go to the app switcher and slide up on the mail card. Navigate to the home screen. After relaunching the mail app, try to open the inbox again.
  • Check your internet connection: your Wi-Fi signal or cellular data should be strong enough to load new mails. Check your internet connection and try again.
  • Remove the problematic email account and add it again: go to settings and open “Accounts & passwords”. Now open the email account which is causing trouble and tap on delete account.

Now again go to settings and open “accounts & passwords”. Click on Add account. now select from the list of email providers. Login using your username and password

  • Configure server, port and authentication options manually: sometimes ISP blocks certain ports or the incoming and outgoing server settings are incorrect. Use the following steps to adjust outgoing settings:
  1. Go to settings and open “Accounts & passwords”.
  2. Choose the account which is causing problem.
  3. Click on account.
  4. Click on Outgoing mail server header to configure outgoing email server for the account.
  5. Click on primary server which fetches emails for this account.
  6. Adjust the host name, user name, password, SSL settings, authentication method and server port number under the Outgoing mail server.

Steps to adjust incoming email settings:

  1. Go to settings and open “accounts & passwords”. Open the problematic email account.
  2. Click on Advanced button.
  3. Adjust the SSL settings, IMAP path prefix and server port number under incoming settings.

Try all of the above fixes if you face cannot get mail error on iPhone, until you are able to get mails again.

How to fix “Cannot get mail” error on iPhone?

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