App is not responding

App not responding is a statement in which the app is compacted and does not respond to any user signals or magnetize. App is not responding generally occur due to long-running code that digs in the ‘UI thread’.

The App is not responding is one of the common windows problems. Force stop or a quick reboot fixes this problem.

Here are many steps to fix the problem app are not responding:

  • Clear boot:-

 Most of the time, a simple clear boot has solved the app is not responding issue. A clear boot assures no startup app or service is hostile with the not responding app. Here are the steps to clear boot in windows 10:

  • Click on Windows + R keys and type MSConfig in the run dialog to open the system configuration window.
  • Now, move to the services > hide all Microsoft services > disable all > OK.
  • After that, click on ctrl+shift+Esc keys on your keyboard to open the windows task manager and go to the startup
  • Click on each application and select disable to disable all of these applications.
  • After that, restart the PC and check to see the app is responding or not.
  • Check app concordance:-

 In case some of the big applications like a video game app or video editing app, then app concordance could arise. Go to the official page of the app and see for compatibility details. After that, match the requirement of the application with your PC specifications.

  • Close all other programs:-

 Close all other programs to assure no other app is conflicting or eating up PC resources. Check the taskbar and always make sure that no other program is open. After that click on ctrl + shift + Esc to open the windows task manager.

Go to the processes to ensure no unrequired applications are running.

  • Run SFC scan:-

 Here is also an option that a corrupted system file may be forcing the app to stop. You can do one thing, run SFC (system file checker) scan to see for missing or corrupted system files and automatically fix them. Right-click on the start menu icon and select the command prompt from the list to run the SFC.

Enter the command sfc/scan now in command prompt and press enter. Scan will run and automatically fix problems. This process takes at least 12-15 minutes.

  • Scan for viruses:-

 A malware or virus can also stop the application to respond. So, scan your PC with antivirus to ensure no viruses are affecting the app. Install the app and run a full system scan to get free form viruses.

  • Reset cache:-

 Reset the cache to fix the problems with the window store. Right-click on the start menu icon and select command prompt. And type wereset.exe and press enter.

  • Reinstall the app:-

 It is possible to re-install the app without deleting any important data. Uninstall and reinstall the app can solve many configuration issues and make the app responsive again.


App is not responding (solved)
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