Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working

A lot of Acer laptop customers have reported that the keyboard on their laptop not working properly — a number of of the keys are not responsive or all of them stops functioning.

Acer laptop is the device with latest features and modern technologies. The device is easy to access anywhere and the problems can be solved with easy troubleshooting. The device has a lot of demand around the world and the functionalities are top-class.

But there can be problems with the device as it can happen with any of the devices. One of the common problem is Acer laptop keyboard not working. To solve the problem try out the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article. With proper care and solution, the problem can be solved instantly.

This is a very frustrating problem – and reasonably scary. You’re in all probability thinking, “I can’t yet use my laptop without a keyboard! How am I thought to fix a problem like this without one.
But don’t horror! It’s probable to fix this problem – still without your keyboard. Here are four fixes you should try:


Complete reboot the system which is the common fix to the keyboard problems. Here are the steps to do so –
• Make sure that the user press and holds the power button of the laptop until it is totally switched off.
• Next unplug the power cable and battery from the device.
• Keep the device safe from any access for some time and then plug the power cable again. Also, put the battery back inside the laptop.
• Power on the computer and check if the keyboard is working or not. This troubleshoot might fix the problem.

Contact Acer Technical Support if there is problem in solving the laptop keyboard troubles. Support experts provide instant solution for the device.


How to Disable acer laptop filter key

Filter keys are useful as they make the keyboard ignore the brief or repeated keystrokes. And this also leads to problem in the laptop keyboard. Sort the problem by trying to disabling the Filter Keys.
Here are the steps to do that –
• Click on the ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Settings’ or ‘Control Panel’.
• Click ‘Ease of Access’ and then select ‘Keyboard’ or ‘Make the keyboard easier to use’.
• Next disable the Filter Keys function and try out the keyboard to see if the disabling Filter Keys can restore the keyboard.


How to Update your acer keyboard driver

  • First download and install ‘Drive Easy’.
  • Now run ‘Drive Easy’ and click on ‘Scan Now’. It will scan the device and detect the problems.
  • Next to the keyboard to download the latest driver for the device click on ‘Update’ button.

Immobile not able to fix the problems with the Acer laptop keyboard not working? Contact Acer Customer Service for the assistance. Customer Support experts can help solves a variety of trouble with the keyboard and with easy troubleshooting the problems are resolved.

How Do You Fix Acer keyboard Not Working

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