504 gateway time out

There are many HTTP status codes sends to the users and one of them is 504 gateway timeout error and this error occurs when your request is unable to complete by servers. When you visit any site then the site grants your request and sends it to web servers and if your request is unable to complete then the server sends back the error to you.

To know that what is 504 gateway timeout and what does 504 gateway timeout mean then you need to read this content.

504 gateway timeout error is a server-side error and this error occurs when the servers are not able to complete a request due to miscommunication between the servers.

Solutions to fix 504- gateway timeout error:

  • Refresh the page:

You need to click on the refresh option to refresh the page. The refresh option is placed on the top left corner of your browser window. To refresh the page, you can also press F5 from your keyboard.

To fix the 504 gateway error in your system just wait for some seconds and then refresh the page.

If this method does not work then you need to try the other solutions given below.

  • Try another browser:

If you face the 504 timeout error then you need to use a different browser or incognito mode of browser. Also, clearing the cache of your browser helps you to solve this error.

  • Flush DNS:

Outdated DNS cache is also the reason behind the occurrence of this error. If you face the same error, then clear the DNS cache. The process of clearing DNS is not hard and this process is different for different operating systems.

You can also temporarily switch the DNS server into the Google public DNS server to fix the 504 gateway timeout error.

  • Restart your device:

Restarting the devices is a method to fix this error and sometimes it works to remove this error. You need to just shut down the devices and then restart again.

  • Restart networking devices:

Refresh the networking devices like routers and modems to fix this gateway error issue.

  • Tweaking server settings in your device:

You can try a few things to fix the 504 gateway error if you are using VPS hosting. This involves tweaking server settings means to increase specific resource limits.

  1. Nginx:

if you VPS utilizes Nginx then you need to increase some factors like proxy-timeout-factor, max-execution-time, proxy-read-timeout, etc to fix 504 gateway timeout Nginx.

  • Check CDN:

CDN stands for content delivery network and it is used to protect websites from viruses, malware attacks like DDoS (distributed denial of service). CDN works for a distributed group of servers which works together to fast delivery of internet content.

To fix the 504 gateway timeout error, you to turn off CDN services. This 504 error mostly appears when there is a problem with CDN services like Cloudflare.

  • Check plugins between your system and networking devices:

Outdated or incompatible plugins may cause the 504 gateway error in your system. You are advised to check your website plugins and extensions. After off the plugins, check if your site works fine then rename the plugins directory to their original name.

These above solutions work to solve the 504 gateway timeout error.

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504 Gateway Timeout Error
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