itunes will not open on pc, mac

It may happen, that you tap on the iTunes icon but it doesn’t open. And it also happens that it bounces but stops. Even you tried to open the application from my application folder, but it doesn’t work.

Go through the below-given option to solve iTunes will not open on pc, mac.

  • iTunes does not start up by creating a new iTunes name:-

 First, you should see if the problem is your music library, close iTunes if it is running. Then go to your music folder which is inside your home folder. So rename the iTunes folder something like iTunes backup.

After doing this setup, launch the iTunes. If iTunes launches successfully then it will create a new iTunes folder. If it works, then something dissipates up with your music folder. If it still doesn’t work, delete any new folder iTunes create and restore iTunes Backup to its original name.

  • iTunes won’t launch by adding a new iTunes library file:-

    •  First of all, make sure that your Apple device is connected securely to your computer. If you are not trying to access iTunes via an apple device or if your apple device is connected properly.
    • Set your firewall to allow iTunes to connect to the internet. As a security precaution, many firewalls block the software program’s ability to get online. It is because some spyware and malware is designed to transmit personal data from your computer. One thing make sure, making iTunes a trusted program within your firewall software is necessary for it to function properly.
    • Now, create a new iTunes library file. A corrupted or unstable library file can cause iTunes to suddenly quit or not open at all. If you are using an operating system to recreating a library file, it is a lengthy process because of the dependence of the operating system.
    • Now, reinstall iTunes on your computer. Now you can check and see if iTunes will not open.
  • Fix iTunes will not open on pc, mac with Tenorshare Tunescare:-

 Tenorshare Tunescare is an all-in-one iTunes repair tool to fix all iTunes syncing problems and iTunes error, and it is totally free of cost.

    • First of all, download Tenorshare Tunescare and tap on fix all iTunes issues to fix your iTunes on the computer.
    • Suppose, your iTunes works normally but takes a long time to load or perform slow. So, you can tap on Repair iTunes to improve your iTunes performance. In case, your iPhone works abnormally, so click on Repair iTunes to start downloading iTunes drives for repairing.
    • Once, you download the repairing drives for iTunes, Tenorshare Tunescare will automatically start to repair your iTunes. Once it repairs, Tenorshare Tunescare will prompt you that iTunes is repaired successfully and your iTunes will automatically start.
  • Restart your computer:-

 You can do one thing, restart your Windows PC and check you can open iTunes now. If iTunes not open, then press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC simultaneously to open Task Manager, find iTunes, right-click on it to select End Task. After that, open the search box in the Files Explorer, type %ProgramData% and tap enter button. Navigate into the apple computer folder, select view and tick hidden items option. Once you will see, delete it. After deleted, restart your window PC and again launch iTunes to check if it can open now.

  • Open iTunes in safe mode:- 

Always try to open iTunes in safe mode. Press CTRL + SHIFT together, twice click on the iTunes icon to open this. This process will open iTunes in safe mode.

iTunes will not open on pc, mac
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