Hotmail Not receiving Emails or How Would You Receive Emails as  Soon as Possible if Hotmail not Working

When you will send emails, however, can’t receive emails in Hotmail / outlook account. This error may be a little frustrating for you. Actually, this error comes as a result of a few common reasons.

In this article, we are going to discuss regarding the root cause of why is Hotmail not receiving emails and the way will we fix them.

If you’re also dealing with the outlook not receiving emails problem, I will be able to suggest you read this article and follow the instructions to repair the problem.

Before sharing the steps let me inform you, the instructions given here, is for Hotmail not receiving emails only. If you’re having send & receive problem together with your Hotmail account, you need to visit:

Check Hotmail server status:

Before you’ll select any further choices, first you need to go ahead and check the server status. could also be you’re having “ Hotmail not receiving emails problem ” thanks to outlook server down in your space. thus you must not forget to check the server status.

If you find outlook server down, I will be able to suggest you wait for a while. Once the server is up and working fine, you’ll automatically get obviate can’t receive an email in Hotmail problem.

But if the outlook /Hotmail server is working fine however still you’re going through outlook not receiving emails problem. you need to jump to the next step.

Check Email Forwarding settings

Check the trash files on the Hotmail account? If you’re not receiving emails into the trash. Then it sounds like, your emails are being forwarded to somebody else or there’s one thing wrong with pop or IMAP settings.

That’s why you’re going through Hotmail not receiving emails problem.

Now, you have to stop turn the pop/IMAP settings off. so try and check your emails. I hope, currently you’ll ready to send and receive the mails.

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